Tea Tree Oil : A miracle must-have

Heyya gorgeous!

I pretty much guessed it that you guys have been liking my personal care blog posts as much as the fashion ones so I thought of delving into writing more such posts from now on. So for today I'm gonna be sharing my experience about one essential oil that I used lately!

This oil is one miracle product. It heals almost every skin problem and works wonders especially for acne prone skin. It has great medicinal value , anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties and so is considered a must have in order to achieve the flawless skin you've been aiming for!


The oil that I'm talking about is Tea Tree Oil !! It's an essential oil that shouldn't be mistaken with a oil produced by tea leaves! No that's not what it is. It's basically an oil derived from a plant called melaleuca alternifolia. mostly found and extensively used in Australia (as per my google research).

The following are my personally experienced benefits of using this oil and some that I've heard from my close acquaintances. Trying to be brutally true to all my readers, here they are ----


1. It heals acne overnight. Yes you read that right! I had a little pop-ups of acne during summers and all that I used is this oil at night and I saw the acne size reduce drastically the next morning and that is definitely a win-win.

It's one point that I wish to emphasise on!! It helps a great deal in helping you heal the acne marks and the acne themselves. All you got to do is dilute it with some other essential oil (may be Argon Oil/coconut oil/almond oil) and dab it in and around your acne. Leave it overnight and repeat the ritual religiously! Avoid using it during day time when you have to face the sun as it might be harmful for the skin when it has to face the UV rays. When you stay at home, only then prefer to use it during the day.

If you have oily skin then you can also use it with Aloe-Vera gel and then apply on the affected area.


It might dry-out the skin a little bit but that's okay, you need not fret. Better use it with one of the above mentioned ways by diluting it more depending upon your skin suitability. Every individual has a different skin type so your time duration of usage will vary. Be patient with it and you'll experience the best results.


2.It heals skin blemishes and scars. Trust me, would you ? When used atleast for a month as a daily ritual you can experience huge amount of change that it does to the mark that's been bothering you for long. Just try!


3. It can be used as a makeup remover. Mix it with baby oil or some other kind of facial oil that you have and it'll be great to be used as an after makeup treatment.


4.It heals the foot-odour too besides relieving athlete's foot and fungal foot infections. Now that seems quite a deal isnt it ? Add some drops of it when you wear those shoes and voila, you'll never have to face a dull moment.


5.It also heals boils, soothes soars all because it has anti-bacterial properties.


6.Most anti-dandruff shampoos also contain this oil as it heals itchy- flaky scalp and it also helps to kill hair lice.


7.It also helps you get rid-off the bad mouth odour. Simply add it to your tooth-paste and keep smelling fresh the entire day!



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